A Better Presentation: UX Edition

Wrapped up attending the ModevUX Conference today. One thing I always notice during keynotes is that presentations could be improved. No matter what the conference, these principles can be applied and are usually warranted.

One of the biggest points, that I can’t stress enough is put all key information towards the top of the slide. This includes: links, twitter handles, key concepts etc.

When you have a group of people watching a keynote, the lower thirds of your slide will be blocked by people’s heads.

Think from the perspective of the user or in the case the people listening to your talk. They are seated, many feet away from the screens, and engaged with multiple devices.

Remember in a slide deck:

  • Use big fonts
  • Use large imagery to deliver a point
  • The fewer the words, the better

Going the extra mile.

For extra bonus points, make your presentation into a PDF available for download. Just as a podcast should have a show notes page, create a blog post with a summary of all links and resources mentioned in your talk.

The best presentations leave the user reading, researching, and engaged even after the conference is over.

May 20, 2014

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